thwickerman (thwickerman) wrote in pugilism,

Favorite boxer anyone?
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Oscar De La Hoya only bcuz Ive watched him from start, as a kid all through my teen years, hes why I fell in love with the sport.
Used to be Naz, but he's done and gone. Gotta go with James Toney. He's incredibly skilled and just really sturdy all around. Love his personality, too.

Right now, Robbie Fuckin' Peden. No particular reason, he's just scrappy and cool.
It's a close race between Gatti and Tito Trinidad..
my favorite boxer is either Jack Dempsey or Joe Frazier
Old timers :)

My guy ran off a record 101 wins without a loss in only four years fighting. In his 13 year career he lost only 4 times in 149 fights always against bigger men... Fought men up to TWICE his weight - and won! Small, pale and frail looking he had great courage, blinding handspeed, skillful defense and a punch that pro boxers 4 weight classes higher could not match - and this was back in the day when there were only 8 weight classes!!
No other man in the lighter weight classes is even close to his KO record.
Gene Tunny said he was "The greatest fighter I've ever seen."
(Please remember Tunney had been in the ring with both Jack Dempsey and Harry Greb - and knew Benny Leonard!)
Who you ask?
The mighty atom - Jimmy Wilde The Flyweight Champion of the world in 1916.
thank you for your replies :)