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The world of boxing has seen more twists and turns over the past year than my love life, and that's saying alot.

There was a major boxing show at The Garden this past Saturday night. Two major heavyweight title fights, plus 2 other bout featuring former champions. 

There were better fights taking place in the stands.

With guys like this to fight, it's no wonder Lennox Lewis retired. The state of boxing, particularly heavies, is at an all time low. You have 3 guys (4 if you count the WBO) running around with belts, none of them yo could in any conscience call a 'champion'.

Chris Byrd successfully defended his IBF Title via split decision against once-rising prospect Jameel McCline.
McCline had his shot as he dominated the first 6 rounds and even scored a knockdown. but despite (or more likely because of) his immense weight and height advantage, he actually lost ground as it got later in the bout, and Byrd captialized as Jameel ran out of gas. It was actually Byrd's first real decisive victory since having the belt. Which sounds more impressive than it really is.  McCline showed a considerable lack of heart and conditioning, and unless he learns how to use his size, he'll just be another big guy that came up short, like Michael Grant.
Jameel, if you still have Emanuel Steward's number, use it. Or go back to being a sparring partner. Oh never mind.

WBA Champion John Ruiz, who has to be the single worst boxer ever to hold a title, decisioned Foul Pole Andrew Golota in what was an excruciatingly foul-filled clinch-fest.
Golota comes up short again in his big moment, and people are already clamoring to have him get a WBC title shot against Vitali Klitschko. Spare us please. Can someone please knock Ruiz out and put him and us out of misery?

Also on the Card, Evander Holyfield lost to journeyman Larry Donald, which we hope will give the 40 year-old Evander the hint that it's time to hang up the gloves. Another former Champ, Hasim Rahman, gave the most impressive showing of the night (scary as it sounds) against Kali Meehan. The funny thing is that even though there were 2 guys on the card with belts, Rahman has more of a right to call himself a champ than either of them, having actually beaten one.
I will be rooting for him in his comeback. Riddick Bowe was seen in the audience, smiling, knowing that he chose the perfect time to mount a comeback as well.

With Mike Tyson and Roy Jones both seeing their respective futures crumble, and the current state of contenders and pretenders out there, it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

Next month Vitali Klitsckho defends his WBC Title against Danny Williams, the man who recently beat Mike Tyson in a bout I like to refer to as 'The Second coming of Trevor Berbick."

All I have to say is...........

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