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Golota vs. Ruiz

Hey, guys, it's my first post in this here community. I'd like to ask a question: what do you all think of Golota vs. Ruiz?

Ruiz is scheduled to fight Golota for the WBA heavyweight championship sometime in either November or December. Now, we all know Golota's record when it comes to title fights, especially against hard-hitting opponents, but his draw against Byrd has reinstated a bit of faith in "The Foul Pole" in my eyes. Add to that the fact that John Ruiz isn't known for being a big puncher, and I think Golota has a good chance to take the belt away from Ruiz. That is, if he doesn't blow his top again and throw a flurry to Ruiz's nether region.

I, for one, hope that Golota takes the belt from Ruiz. I saw Ruiz's last fight, in The Garden, and was bored to tears. It looked like the referee who stopped the fight did it out of sheer boredom; like the flurry from Ruiz was an excuse to end the fight. At least when Golota comes to the ring, he brings some excitement with him.

And, who knows? If he wins this fight and if Byrd gets past his mandatory IBF challenger Jameel McCline, maybe the two will have a match to unify the belts. Don King has united the division before (once with Tyson, once with Holyfield), and seeing as both Byrd and Golota are King's fighters, maybe he'll do it again.
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