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Interview with Carlo Rotella author of "Cut Time"

Hey guys,

My name is Wendy. I host and produce a Web talk show called "Near-Life Experience".

Recently, I did an interview with Carlo Rotella, the author of the book "Cut Time: An Education at the Fights".

For those unfamiliar with Carlo Rotella, or the book, here's a brief description:

"An English professor and fight fan, Rotella writes essays that speak to both his passions. His carefully crafted prose demonstrates a gift for language as well as an in-depth understanding of boxing. Whether a fight takes place in a sold-out arena, a dingy training hall or a street corner outside a townie bar, Rotella, always the teacher, seeks out the inherent lesson to be learned by "the most basic fact" common to each and every fight: "hurt." Rotella's essays, with their marriage of literary analysis and the hard-knocks reality of the fights, are a welcome addition to the vast library of boxing literature."

You can listen to the interview by clicking on one of these links (35 minutes):

Streaming version:



mp3 version:



Also, here's the link to the NLE Web site:

Please don't misunderstand my intentions. I'm not just posting this to plug my show. Speaking as a boxing fan, I think "Cut Time" is an exceptional book and I want the entire world to hear what Carlo Rotella has to say about the sport.

If you know of anywhere else I could promote this show--any other well-visited boxing-related Web sites, please let me know of them.

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