deadboycolin (deadboycolin) wrote in pugilism,

Boxing Videos/DVDs/Files...etc.

Hey all, this is my first post here...I'm a boxer/kickboxer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm having a hard time finding recordings of some fighters I'd really like to study and I was hoping that some of you may be able to help me out.

I'd like to see films on these fighters:

Tommy Hitman Hearns
Sugar Ray Leonard
Roy Jones Jr.
Muhammed Ali
Marvin Hagler
Oscar Delahoya
Shane Mosely

Or any other fighters who were about 6'0 with a small/thin build, and worthy of study.

If you can help me out I'd appreciate it.

Thanks :)

If anyone lives within a couple hours of BR and wants to fight, we're having boxing/kickboxing matches at my Dojo on Saturday, let me know if you're interested.
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i would like to box you but i live in new mexico blah. sorry. ive only been boxing for about 2 years but thats pretty good considering im only 15.
That is good experience for the age, been at it longer than me. Perhaps one day we'll meet in the ring...we shall see.


When you say 6'0 tall and worthy of study in the lighter weight classes a name comes to mind that you might not have heard of...

Carlos Monzon

A 6'+ Middleweight who 'fought tall' and was very good at it.

I think you some of his title fight tapes are still available.

Good luck and remember to duck!