Scorpio Moon (scorpiomoonbeam) wrote in pugilism,
Scorpio Moon

Hey guys,

After dating a guy who really loves boxing and doing interviews with Robert Anasi and Carlo Rotella--authors who have both written about the sport, I find myself extremely drawn to boxing.

Tonight, here in Canada, on the cable channel TSN, they showed an amazing Larry Holmes fight. I was totally enthralled.

The thing is, I don't know the rules of boxing. And because of this, I can't fully understand a fight.

Can someone explain the rules of boxing or recommend a Web site or book I could check to learn more?

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Well basically, the rules are to hit the other guy (not below the belt) until they can't fight anymore, either through bleeding, knock-out, or clearly overpowering them.

You can't use anything other than your gloves.

Rounds are 3 minutes (two minutes for women's boxing) with between 4 to 12 rounds. If nobody gets knocked out, then after the set number of rounds, they go to the scorecards. the winner of each round (decided by the judges (usually 3 of them) gets 10 points, the loser gets 9. You also lose a point for being knocked down, or being penalized (hitting below the belt, headbutt, etc...)

That's the quick breakdown.
So, at the end of a round, if there isn't a knockout the judges decide who won the round. But what do the judges base their decisions on?

And again, assuming there is no knockout, at the end of 12 rounds, what it comes down to is, the fighter with the most points wins?

This doesn't seem to be as complicated as I thought it would be. I thought points were given for certain techniques (like one point for an effective jab, another point for avoiding a punch--that sort of thing).

Thank you.
Each judge decides independantly of the others. They don't consult and at the end of the fight their scores will be different. Whoever wins with the majority of judges wins the fight (its not based on total points (ie if somebody wins on two judges by one point, and the other person wins on one judge by 5 points, the person with the two judges wins)

There are some basic catagories that the judges use (activity level, hit rate, damage inflicted, ability to defend themselves, agreesion, etc...) but ulitimately it comes down to a judgement call.

NB: These are the rules for professional boxing. Amateur boxing works on a different scoring system, with points being awarded based on connecting hits - its somewhat more complicated.
Ok, this all makes so much more sense now.

I really appreciate the information.
There are usually three categories (very generally) used to judge the winner of a round
1. Effective Aggressivness - who is the more aggressive fighter.
2. Clean Punching - who is landing the most shots that are harder, and cleaner.
3. Ring Gernaralship - who knows how to use the ring to their advantage in order to "outclass" their opponent.

For the origin of the modern rules of Boxing (17th century) see the the Marquis of Queensbury rules, who were invented by Lord Alfred Douglas.

Boxing is an ancient sport however, and was regularly practiced at Greek festivals in the 5th century B.C.E. For anceint poetry on the sport of boxing, look for the works of the poet Pindar, and his "victory songs".
I love this!

Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with me.