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Anyone have suggestion of good books on boxing, preferably non-fiction? I need x-mas ideas for my brother.
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A. J. Liebling, The Sweet Science and A Neutral Corner for good writing. Otherwise, there's Fleischer's Illustrated History of Boxing, Joyce Carol Oates, and maybe W. C. Heinz's The Professional, if you want a decent novel. These comes to mind immediately.
thank you kindly
"the sweet science" may be the best book on boxing ever written... Oates, a poet, does a surprisingly great job in "on boxing"... Fleischer and Heinz are boxing writer demi-gods...
I think I'll be checking out The Sweet Science
I like the book "rope burns" by fx toole- it became popular because one of the short stories was turned into a movie (million dollar baby)...

anything by bert sugar, thomas hauser (he has 2 books on Ali), Norman MAiler ("the fight" is awesome), shadowbox by george plimpton... and my book which is yet to be given an official title will be out next year-
Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Million Dollar Baby was a horrid film! I hope the stories are better ;)
it wasnt the best short story in the book- Jerry Boyd aka FX Toole was a trainer in a bust out gym in LA... a lot like Morgan Freeman's character in the book-
X-Mas is long since past but my favorite boxing related book is probably In This Corner by Peter Heller.

The book is basicly a collection of interviews with former champions who fought from anywhere from the 1910's to the 1960's. Great stuff!
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