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Pete Mosq

The Second Coming of Trevor Berbick

While reading this article on Danny Williams, the unheralded journeyman who KO'd Mike Tyson a few months ago, it reminded me once again what the heavyweight landscape is in for, and that it can change at anytime.

The Tyson-Williams match was unintentionally reminiscent of Muhammad Ali vs. Trevor Berbick.
In May 1981, after losing a heavyweight title fight to Larry Holmes a year earlier, Ali decided to make one last attempt at a comeback.  Fighting against a modest  journeyman named Trevor Berbick, instead of being his road to greatness, it proved that Ali's days were done.  Berbick punished him for 10 rounds to a decision. It wasn't as spectacular as Williams' KO of Iron Mike, but it did the job.

Was Mike that bad or Williams that good? Time will tell and we'll get part of the answer to that on Dec 11.

Whatever happened to Trevor Berbick? He had a modest boxing career and even managed to win a world title a few years after his bout with Ali. It was short reign as he as knocked out in his first defense by a young lad of 20 named Mike Tyson.  Which just proves that the future can come out of nowhere and knock the division on it's ass in the blink of an eye. Good luck Danny.
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